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Credit, now more than ever, has become the financial lifeblood of the American consumer.  At we know and understand the importance and impacts credit can have. We also know and understand the frustrations involved in the credit approval process. By answering a few simple questions we can help to simplify the process and remove the frustration!
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CLICK HEREFOR MORE INFO has less clutter than those other comparison websites. You answer a few simple questions and we show you the best offers that meet your criteria. No more sifting through endless lists of offers looking for the correct match. In addition, we cover the entire credit spectrum. So whether you have good credit or bad credit, need a credit card or personal loan…. we’ve got your needs covered!
Tips and Advice
Our Guide to Good Credit
In layman's terms, your credit defines the likeliness that you will fulfill your financial obligations. Your credit is your word. It is your bond. In the eyes of creditors, it's your reputation and a defining characteristic that allows them to put a...
Our Guide to Personal Loans
Installment loans, personal loans, consolidation loans, payday loans... what's the difference? We here this question time and time again. We decied to set the record straight and provide a simple explanation and guide to the different types of loans...
Our Guide to Credit Cards
In layman's terms, your credit defines the likeliness that you will fulfill your financial obligations. Your credit is your word. It is your bond. In the eyes of creditors, it's your reputation and a defining characteristic that allows them to put a dolllar figure on the amount of money they will lend..
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for finishing The Road to Good Credit!
The Road to Good Credit
Credit is like a ladder.  If you have good credit, it’s an easy ladder to climb.  Bad credit, however, is like a ladder missing the first 10 rungs.  This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to climb.
Lesson #1: Once your credit is damaged it can be a very difficult thing to fix.
When you have bad credit, lenders view you as a highly risky proposition and are unlikely to offer you any type of unsecured credit.  In addition, the products that are aimed at individuals with bad credit are usually predatory in nature with high APRs and annual fees. 
Lesson #2: It ends up being very expensive to have bad credit. 
Fees, higher percentages… they all add up and take a toll on your wallet. So what’s the solution?  The staff at have been dealing with and helping individuals with bad credit for nearly two decades.  We know and understand the difficult struggle those with bad credit face. 
Now, here is the good news…WE CAN HELP! 
Our Road to Good Credit aims to put the missing rungs back on the credit ladder.  We have outlined a very specific path and set of credit products that, if used correctly, can get you back on the path to healthy credit.  This “Road” is not easy, and it’s not an overnight fix.  If you do succeed, however, we will award you with $100.  It’s our gift to you for all your hard work and we hope you will be a lifelong customer of ours.  
How Does it Work?
  • Create an account
    Browse the offers on the Road to Good Credit. Each offer serves a specific purpose and is accompanied by an explanation of why it is so important.
  • Complete Each Required Step

    Each step must be completed and once we have received confirmation from each credit product provider, completion of the step will be indicated on your Road to Good Credit. Note: So that we can track your progress, you must return to the Road to Good Credit and click the “Apply Now” button when signing up for each and every credit product/service.
  • Get Your $100

    Once your Road to Good Credit has been completed, the final screen will be unlocked. We will confirm your mailing address send you a $100 Visa Gift Card to be used on whatever you wish!
Questions? Check out our FAQs or email us at
Why are you offering this service?
Credit can be confusing and difficult. The right credit products to rebuild and protect your credit can be even more confusing. Our goal is to remove the confusion over credit, empower you with knowledge and get your credit health back in check.
Will I really get $100 for completing the Road to Good Credit?
Absolutely! When you successfully complete the Road to Good Credit, we will mail you a $100 Visa Gift Card. It’s really just that simple.
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How long does it take to complete the Road to Good Credit?
This is a difficult question to answer. It will be different for just about every user as it depends on the current state of your credit. A realistic timeframe, for someone who is really serious about fixing their credit, is likely 6 to 12 months. For some people, however, it could take years. It really depends on how hard you are willing to work and whether or not you make on time monthly payments to all your creditors.
How high does my credit score need to be to start?
Everybody is eligible for the Road to Good Credit. We built this product to help people with extremely bad credit. No matter how low your credit score, we can help!
How high does my credit score need to be to finish?
Underwriting for credit products usually take more than credit score into account so there is really not a definitive answer. As a general rule, you will need to raise your credit score to between 650 and 700 to qualify for the fair credit products at the end of the Road to Good Credit.
Are there any time limits for completion?
There are no set time limits but the Road to Good Credit may not be available forever.
What if I don’t finish the Road to Good Credit?
That’s OK. Our goal is to educate you and to help you get started on the path to healthy credit. That said, we want you as a customer forever and we know that if you put your mind to it you can achieve overall credit health.
Is this guaranteed to fix my credit?
Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in life. It is our belief, however, that following the steps laid out in the Road to Good Credit along with positive credit practices like on time monthly payments to all creditors, will help.
Do I have to complete every step?
Yes, you have to complete every step. In addition, you need to complete them via our website so that we can track your progress.
What if I already have one of the products/services on my Road to Good Credit?
Congratulations! Hopefully you have started down the path to healthy credit. Please use the Road to Good Credit as a guide. Unfortunately, only those who complete every step are eligible.
Why are some steps optional?
On occasion we provide optional products and or services in The Road to Good Credit. The products/services may be helpful in completing the Road to Good Credit or we believe you may have some general interest in them. Either way, they are not required to complete the Road to Good Credit.
What if I complete a step and it is not indicated on my Road to Good Credit?
We have spent an enormous amount of time and effort making sure we are able to track 100% of all services/products you might sign up for on the Road to Good Credit. Unfortunately, no technology is full proof. If you have signed up for a product and have been approved, please wait 7-10 days to allow any reporting lag to pass. After that timeframe, if you are still not indicating completion of a step you know you have completed, please send an email to for further details and help.
Are all the products and services free?
Unfortunately no. It is possible to repair your credit over time without some of these products but we chose them for a very specific reason…to give you the best chance to repair your credit in the quickest possible fashion. The costs of these products are minimal compared to the increased APRs and fees one has to endure if you have bad or poor credit.
How long do I have to subscribe to Credit Monitoring & Identity Theft Protection?
Hopefully you will subscribe to credit monitoring and identity theft protection forever! We firmly believe that these products and services are worth their weight in gold and are necessary for anyone who wants to maintain credit health. The cost of bad credit is HUGE compared to relatively small fees that these companies charge. That being said, you must subscribe to these services for the entire time you are on the road to good credit if you want to receive your $100.
About Us
Creating Credit Transparency
Credit, for most people, can be a somewhat confusing term. The way one’s credit is evaluated is often a complex process called underwriting that can change from one lender to the next. Factor that in with the staggering amount of rules and regulations required by the Federal Government, that create the framework for lending, and to put it simply, you have a mess. At, we understand the difficult and complex nature of credit. We are a group of individuals who have been on both sides of the credit spectrum and have felt the sting and overwhelming frustration of credit denial after credit denial. Our site was created for people, by people, who are tired of filling out countless credit applications with no real criteria to evaluate one financial product or lender from the next.
Our goal is to simplify the credit application process by showing lenders and financial products that meet your specific criteria. We help to remove the mystery behind the term Credit and strive to educate our users so that they can maintain and or build their credit health. To put it quite simply, we are Creating Credit Transparency.